Siri-ously Funny


Siri-ously Funny

The Temple Bar

121 Western Road
Upstairs: MAY 5-6 at 15:30 (60 min) - Free and Unticketed

Siri-ously Funny

At the start of 2023 we were being amazed by how clever ChatGPT was, but a bit later we were being worried about whether our jobs were at risk from this self-driving Microsoft Word. By the summer we were being properly freaked out by Al tech bros claiming that their products would end of the world when they achieved the next level of Al, called Artificial General Intelligence. Cue Rishi Sunak offering to Make Al Safe Again by summoning all the world leaders to Milton Keynes in an austerity remake of Avengers Assemble.

Is there actually AI scary going on or is it all smoke and code?

Previously comedian and professor of Web Science: Leslie Carr and his comedian daughter Ruby Carr, explored the human side of Artificial Intelligence, with their show Carr Crash. Following on from the success talking about the new birth of AI and touring festivals, comedy venues and universities across the UK, Leslie is back with the sequel - A II (roman numeral)

In Siri-ously Funny, we will unpack how AI has now turned into a naughty toddler, and the Silicon Valley tech bros are Yummy Mummies who swear their offspring is going to take over the world just because it’s aced some school tests. Famously, the Turing test was supposed to work out if you could tell the difference between a human or a computer, but in recent years it’s not testing the computer, but actually testing us vs the headlines and how gullible we are.

In this show we will share the history of AI, explain AI and debunk AI.

Ticket types this year are Paid, Pay What You Can and Free - this is how it works: Paid: The show is fully ticketed and you pay in advance or on the door; Pay What You Can: You can choose to buy a ticket in advanced to guarantee entry and what to pay over a minimum amount OR turn up at the venue to get in for free in any space that is left; Free: The show is free entry and can be ticketed or unticketed. Watch the show, and the performer will ask for donations at the end for those that would like to contribute.