Laughing Horse at the Brighton Fringe - Performers Information


Brighton Fringe

Who are Laughing Horse?

Laughing Horse is an established venue manager and producer at the Brighton Fringe, and we put together an annual programme of shows - and it's usually the biggest programme of shows under one banner at the Brighton Fringe.

Having had a presence at the Brighton Fringe since the early 2000's, we've developed a weatlth of knowledge about producing shows at the Fringe and what works for both venues and performances - meaning we can use all of our expertise to assist performers in putting on the best productions suited and marketed to the Brighton audience.

We expanded quickly from our original venue, The Quadrant - and now host shows in five performance spaces around the city.


Brighton Fringe

What else do Laughing Horse do?

Laughing Horse began in March 1999 as a comedy club in London, which quickly expended to a number of venues alongside producing shows at Fringe Festivals - expending quickly from comedy to encompass all Fringe genres.

Laughing Horse created and now produce the innovative 'Free Festival' at the Edinburgh Fringe anually, with over 9,000 perfornaces of shows in 20 venues. Along with Brighton we also run venues and produce shows at the Adelaide Fringe and Perth Fringe World, making us the only production and venue company operating at the four biggest global Fringe Festivals.

We also produce shows at other large festivals, including the Melbourne Comedy Festival and Leicester Comedy Festival - and founded the Magners International Comedy Festival across South East Asia. Back in the UK we produce comedy courses, run shows and book comedy events when we're not at the Festivals.

Of course Covid changed things, and Laughing Horse has also moved into online shows and presentation - but hopefully after a break all of the live festivals will now be back in full force!


Brighton Fringe

How does it work putting on a show with Laughing Horse in Brighton?

The first thing you need to do is to find a performance space you think is suitable, you can browse our venues on this page to see what we offer

Then you need to decide how you'll charge for your show: will it be a show where people buy tickets, where people chose what they want to pay ('Pay-what-you-can'), or come in free and unticketed?

Then you'll need to create an application form with us, so your show is on our system - you can do that here - from this information we decide which shows to programme, and what venues and timeslots to offer you.

once we've agreed a slot for your show, then you need to pay the venue contribution to us (details here), and register and pay for your Brighton Fringe programme entry on Eventotron.


Brighton Fringe

Our Philosophy - Keeping the Fringe affordable for performers

We believe peformers should benefit as much from Fringe Festivals as promters, venue managers and property owners. We do this by keeping your production costs as low as possible, and encouraging performers to run and be involved in our collective during the Fringe rather than just spending money on things that are often not needed.

We offer flat costs for using the venues, with optional staff if you need them - so all of the proceeds from your ticket or collection goes directly to you.

We want to work with performers who want to work with us, and with each other!

Click here to see all the details of putting on a show with us this year