Sour Grapes: The Musical


Sour Grapes: The Musical

The Walrus

10 Ship Street
Basement Room: MAY 19 at 17:30 (55 min) - Buy Tickets from £10
Basement Room: MAY 20-24 at 20:15 (55 min) - Buy Tickets from £10

Sour Grapes: The Musical

"Sour Grapes" invites audiences on a profound journey into the haunting and often misunderstood realm of Postpartum Depression (PPD). Adapted from Yetunde Lemboye's poignant work, the play delves into the lives of Dapo and Oreoluwa King, a young couple navigating dreams, aspirations, and the overwhelming impact of PPD. With a global prevalence of 5% to 60.8%, PPD is a debilitating mental disorder that transcends borders, and this play courageously explores its emotional complexities.

Set against the contrasting experiences of suffering mothers trapped in a metaphorical death swamp and the bliss perceived by non-depressed mothers during childbirth, "Sour Grapes" unfolds a narrative that resonates universally. The infusion of music adds a unique layer to the storytelling, creating a captivating synergy that both soothes and energizes. As characters display their artistry, the play becomes an immersive experience, offering a nuanced perspective on the emotional landscapes of those grappling with PPD.

Selected for notable fringe festivals worldwide, including the Edmonton Fringe and Orlando Fringe, and actively participating in the ongoing Lagos Fringe, "Sour Grapes" is a globally relevant and culturally diverse theatrical piece. Its recognition at these festivals underscores its significance in addressing the complexities of PPD and engaging audiences in vital conversations about mental health.

Beyond its thematic richness, the play stands out for its musical infusion, transcending traditional boundaries to offer a multi-sensory experience. The characters' artistry is brought to life not just through dialogue and action but also through evocative music that enhances the emotional depth of the narrative. This dynamic fusion invites audiences to connect with the characters on a visceral level, creating an impactful and memorable theatrical experience.

"Sour Grapes" is more than a play; it's a transformative exploration of the human experience. As it continues to captivate audiences globally, it challenges societal perceptions of mental health, fostering dialogue and understanding. This theatrical masterpiece invites spectators to witness a compelling narrative that transcends cultural boundaries, offering a shared humanity that resonates deeply with each viewer. Whether at fringe festivals or local productions, "Sour Grapes" promises an unforgettable and thought-provoking experience, inviting audiences to delve into the complexities of PPD and emerge with a richer understanding of the human spirit.

Ticket types this year are Paid, Pay What You Can and Free - this is how it works: Paid: The show is fully ticketed and you pay in advance or on the door; Pay What You Can: You can choose to buy a ticket in advanced to guarantee entry and what to pay over a minimum amount OR turn up at the venue to get in for free in any space that is left; Free: The show is free entry and can be ticketed or unticketed. Watch the show, and the performer will ask for donations at the end for those that would like to contribute.