Paul Merryck - Who Let Him In?


Paul Merryck - Who Let Him In?

The Temple Bar

121 Western Road
Upstairs: MAY 27 at 14:15 (60 min) - Pay What You Can - Tickets from £5

Paul Merryck - Who Let Him In?

The Walrus

10 Ship Street
Raised Room: MAY 26 at 22:45 (60 min) - Pay What You Can - Tickets from £5

Paul Merryck - Who Let Him In?

Who Let Him In?

Paul Merryck re-emerges from the Essex Swamplands with a new show telling a lot of stupid jokes and daft short stories, tenuously held together by the narrative thread of a crap middle-aged bloke who spends his life in the pub. By weaving a tapestry of interconnecting stories, themes and philosophical arguments, as Merryck contemptuously disregards the current norms of the genre, ‘Who Let Him In?’ may also deconstruct the dialectic of modern stand-up comedy, and prove a watershed moment in the art-form that will help shape the future of live performance for decades to come. Probably won’t though. More likely some bloke with a pint telling loads of jokes.

But who is Paul Merryck? Is he a real person or is it character comedy? Well, the lines between reality and fiction are blurred here, as is Merryck’s vision much of the time. Suffice to say ‘Paul Merryck’ is the complex comedic construct of comedian Paul Merryck, who in a devotion to method acting techniques hitherto unknown within the lower echelons of the UK Comedy Circuit, has spent the last 40 years of his life being an utterly useless bastard, only in order to be true to his art and bring you ‘Paul Merryck’.

It’s art imitating life imitating art. Or some other bollocks.

It’s also very funny.

Here’s some things people have said about Paul Merryck:

“The Essex bloke is something of a geezer …plenty of showbiz patter…. his set proves very effective…. gag-focussed delivery…. high laugh rate…. you’d think that the spirit of Mike Reid is alive and well”

Steve Bennett – Chortle July 2018

“Paul Merryck’s good-natured, gag-laden banter made for a fun, uplifting set with lots of charm”

Paul Golder – Phoenix FM July 2019

“**** (4 stars) Cheeky, effulgent and playful…a happy-go-lucky bloke to spark laughs throughout the audience” October 2022

Ticket types this year are Paid, Pay What You Can and Free - this is how it works: Paid: The show is fully ticketed and you pay in advance or on the door; Pay What You Can: You can choose to buy a ticket in advanced to guarantee entry and what to pay over a minimum amount OR turn up at the venue to get in for free in any space that is left; Free: The show is free entry and can be ticketed or unticketed. Watch the show, and the performer will ask for donations at the end for those that would like to contribute.