1001 Normal Dysfunctional Families


1001 Normal Dysfunctional Families

The Walrus

10 Ship Street
Raised Room: MAY 20-21 at 12:45 (60 min) - Pay What You Can - Tickets from £2.50
Raised Room: MAY 19, 22 at 20:15 (60 min) - Pay What You Can - Tickets from £2.50

1001 Normal Dysfunctional Families

Welcome to the stand-up comedy game show where comedians will battle against each other using their childhood trauma. You, the audience, will decided which comedian had the worst parents.

The game is structured in 3 rounds:

Round 1

Each comedian will do a 5 minute stand-up set about their family and childhood misadventures so be prepared to witness stories from all around the world, ranging from failing a medical exam in India to being beaten with a baguette in France.

Round 2

There will be prepared scenarios containing "a location" and "a subject" and our comedians will have to improvise a "family fight(argue)" scene based on the notes. The battles will be 1v1 and you will decide who goes in the last round

Round 3

The comedians will play an "Excuses Battle ". There will be prepared scenarios such as "Why didn't you took the trash out ? ", "Why you listen so much to Ariana Grande ?" and the comedians will have to come up with the most creative excuses.

Join us for a magical night where we will laugh about our childhood traumas and if you are brave enough, bring your family with you.

Ticket types this year are Paid, Pay What You Can and Free - this is how it works: Paid: The show is fully ticketed and you pay in advance or on the door; Pay What You Can: You can choose to buy a ticket in advanced to guarantee entry and what to pay over a minimum amount OR turn up at the venue to get in for free in any space that is left; Free: The show is free entry and can be ticketed or unticketed. Watch the show, and the performer will ask for donations at the end for those that would like to contribute.