Leonard Feels The Heat


Leonard Feels The Heat

The Walrus

10 Ship Street
Raised Room: MAY 10-11, 17-18 at 20:15 (60 min) - FREE and unticketed

Leonard Feels The Heat

Leonard Feels The Heat: a heart-warming, tastebud-tingling tale.

“Leonard had always avoided chilli. In a Venn diagram of foodstuffs, he couldn’t see why the circles of flavour and self-harm would ever need to intersect.”

Bored pensioner Leonard Cox, vows to spice up his life by entering a chilli-eating competition in his local village hall. The only problem is, the last time he ate a chilli was 40 years ago and it made him spectacularly ill. Will his secret training regime pay off? Or will Leonard’s family put a stop to it before his shot at glory?

Fittingly, this show is being performed a mere pebble’s throw from the site of the spectacular Brighton chilli-eating competition, which inspired this daft tale.

About Mark Allen

Lapsed stand-up comedian Mark Allen (“Quite Good Britain”, “Mob Logic”, “Pet Project”, “Go Slow”) and creator of live comedy quiz show “The Humble Quest For Universal Genius”, brings his latest spectacle to his resident city of Brighton. After last year’s successful run of “Leonard The Conkerer”, Mark is delighted to be back with his latest storytelling show “Leonard Feels The Heat”.

“An assured storyteller” Chortle

“A total delight” Time Out

“A comic with something new to say” The Guardian

Ticket types this year are Paid, Pay What You Can and Free - this is how it works: Paid: The show is fully ticketed and you pay in advance or on the door; Pay What You Can: You can choose to buy a ticket in advanced to guarantee entry and what to pay over a minimum amount OR turn up at the venue to get in for free in any space that is left; Free: The show is free entry and can be ticketed or unticketed. Watch the show, and the performer will ask for donations at the end for those that would like to contribute.