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Venue:The Quadrant, 12 North Street (Bottom of Queens Road by the Clocktower) Brighton BN1 3GJ
Phone: 01273 733 238
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: Upstairs
MAY 21-22, 29, JUN 1 at 22:15 (60 min)
Show Image

World travelled Canadian comedian Dylan Gott (JFL42, Canadian Comedy Awards, iChannel) performs an hour of hilarious stand up comedy that blends skilled storytelling with observations and some penis jokes that has left audiences all over the globe loling and even lmfaoing

Critics have called Dylan;

'Aweesome' - BlogTO

'Delightfully Bizarre' - AV Club

'weird creep' - Chortle

Please come please.

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News and Reviews for this Show

July 31, 2014  Now Magazine
Gott Game
WE farted combines the talents of John Hastings and Dylan Gott, two excellent comics who, though quite young, have enough material separately for their own albums.

The production has problems: the sound levels are uneven, and for some reason they trade off after each joke, meaning it's hard to build any rhythm.

But the jokes stand on their own. The major revelation here is Gott, who completely nails his persona as an overweight, late-20s, underachieving slacker.

Some of his best material is about eating in fast food restaurants: staring down a McD's cashier when ordering four sandwiches, theorizing why Burger King doesn't have mirrors in its washrooms, getting banned from one restaurant for botching a dirty joke.

Gott, who's got a modest vibe with flashes of anger lurking beneath, knows what he must look like, and some of the best jokes re-enact physical scenarios. The image of him in his underwear eating beans out of a can and taunting a cat is one for the ages.

Hastings has great focus and energy that work well onstage. Unfortunately, that's not evident here; he seems a little arrogant. When he stumbles over a few words, he recovers but doesn't always undo the damage.

He wisely ends with a brilliant joke about nerds ambushing a children's reading of The Hobbit, and the two comics share the mic at the end for a bonus track recounting their first time performing. Click Here

July 21, 2012 BlogTO
Dylan Gott is awesome. Why? Because his stage presence exudes honesty. Take a look at the above clip and you'll see exactly what I mean. Being sincere and acting naturally on stage may not seem that impressive to you, but for an amateur like me, it's a sight to behold. You see, the tendency that most people have when they get on stage is to try to seem confident by acting out and being overly expressive and loud. Dylan has done away with those additives and instead seems like he's truly being himself up there. His material is also crafted in such a way that it doesn't require him to include exaggerated movements that would seem foreign to someone of his proportions. But hey, maybe I'm just projecting my feelings onto him...but something tells me I'm not. Click Here

July 12, 2012  Torontoist
Dylan Gott is a stand-up comic, and a pretty good one. As we mentioned in our Fringe preview, he’s been the opener for popular comics like Todd Barry and Brian Posehn. A full set of Gott’s stand-up is exactly what you’ll get at his Fringe show—no more, no less. His style of comedy is self-deprecating; he kicks off his opening by shuffling out on stage and explaining how his leg was broken when he was beat up by some kids recently. The entire performance is full of references to the ways his awkwardness gets him in trouble in public. He comes off as likeable, though this is not, as the program warns, a show for those disturbed by occasional foul language and sexual references. Click Here

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