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Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company


Venue:The Walrus, 10 Ship Street Brighton BN1 1AD
Phone: 01273 025 749
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: £15  
Room: Downstairs
MAY 31 at 19:15 (60 min)
Show Image

Come and join the Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company for an intimate traditional Flamenco guitar and dance show, which will bring to Brighton Fringe a stunningly powerful performance with pure authentic flamenco at its heart.

This award winning company is currently touring the UK and will be in Brighton for 1 night only in a rare intimate performance by professional flamenco guitarist Daniel Martinez and powerful dancer Gabriela Pouso. This explosive duo will take you on a journey of Flamenco music and dance not to be missed.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “10/10 Perfect, pure flamenco at its vibrant and passionate best” - Writebase

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Martinez playing alone, soulfully evoking a calm before the storm. And what a storm: Bravo indeed" - The Herald

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ”An evening to transport you with music and song that is captivating” - Theatre Bubble

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News and Reviews for this Show

August 22, 2019  Theatre Bubble
”An evening to transport you with music and song that is captivating”.
Art of Believing is a truly memorable evening, filled with the authenticity of Andalucia, as Daniel Martinez brings some home grown talents into the heart of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. His group have an infectious talents in abundance and their audience lapped them all up – the singing, the rhythmical clapping, exciting flamenco dancing but most of all the sheer brilliance of the musicians and in particular, that of Daniel Martinez. He is a man who can communicate what it is to believe and if you give yourself to the evening you will understand the passion behind Flamenco.

Martinez, composer and expert Flamenco guitarist, displays an array of styles that captures a range of emotions – giving us an authentic feel for Spain. Most of all he allows us to access not only the rich beauty of the music, in song and dance, but to also to feel the searing love or pain of a piece. His generosity of spirit shines through all of his performance, whether with intricate finger picking or in strumming that is can be delicate or robust – whatever the style of play Martinez captures our attention and holds our emotions tight through to the end where we too somehow feel released from the drama.

The drama is wonderfully captured by the Flamenco dancer who commands respect as she circumscribes the floor with her heel-tapping shoes and intensely unfolds her narrative. With shawl or fan or with hands that gesture open or curled, welcoming or rejecting, she points, claps and stamps and absorbs the room and the players into her story. She is dynamic and poetic, enticing and dismissive in turn. She is rigid yet fluent and in releasing her story she tells us something of love and desire of hope and disappointment. She is a performer who may be intense yet she is inclusive as she nods and gestures to the musicians and responds to the singer’s calls and cries and we never feel excluded as she wraps us up in her storytelling. She and Martinez have a particularly strong connection and this adds to the intensity of the piece as she seems to be both challenging his music while at the same time being at one with it.

The accompanying singers wail, call and cry out to be heard. Their supportive vocals are wonderfully enticing to the listeners as we witness their rhythmical harmony with Martinez and his musicians.

Martinez links are a delight, honest and endearing as he explains the nature of the programme or introduces his group of performers. He does so with oodles of charm and Edinburgh is lucky to have him play at the festival. it’s Glasgow’s turn next ,so if for some crazy reason you missed them at the fringe rush through to Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall next month, it’s a performance that makes the sun shine, whatever the weather! Art of Believing is captivating and believe me you will will love it!

Martinez is a somewhat unique dignified talent and should not be missed. Its’ a talent he shares with great equanimity and as his group dance and sing along with exciting guitar and fiddle playing – you well be swept along with a true taste of Andalucia. Click Here

August 12, 2019  The Herald
"Martinez playing alone, soulfully evoking a calm before the storm. And what a storm: Bravo indeed."
There’s a local connection to this marvellous presentation of Andalusian culture. Daniel Martinez studied flamenco guitar from the age of seven in his native Cordoba and played in the city’s tablaos before moving to the UK in 2015 and establishing his guitar school in Edinburgh.

His flamenco troupe has two Scottish guitarists and one of this production’s pieces expresses the happiness Martinez has found in Scotland but the music and movement are undiluted Andalusia. The venue even obliged with Andalusian temperatures, making dancer Gabriela Pouso’s intense and astonishingly precise footwork all the more admirable.

There’s music in Pouso’s feet and her close coordination with Martinez’ brilliantly nimble and massively colourful musicianship would have been worth the ticket price alone. That, though, would have robbed us of the fantastically expressive singing of Imma Montero and Danielo Olivera and violinist Pabo Rodriguez’ superb articulation with and without his bow.

The concert began quietly, with Martinez playing alone, soulfully evoking a calm before the storm. And what a storm: three guitars in intricate partnership, violin and voices soaring as the singers added typically urgent and musical hand clapping and Pouso embodying the music’s vibrant physical presence. Bravo indeed. Click Here

June 18, 2019  Writebase
“10/10 Perfect, pure flamenco at its vibrant and passionate best”
What a show! Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company presented The Art Of Believing, and early into the show, the audience suspended their disbelief at the skill and talent each member of the Company demonstrated.

The Epstein Theatre was a brilliant setting for the show, small enough for us to feel truly involved in the experience with excellent sound throughout.

Daniel Martinez’s flamenco guitar playing was breathtaking, very intense and atmospheric. He sat alone on a chair in the middle of the stage and that was it for the first couple of numbers and that was all that was needed. But then he was joined by two male and female flamenco singers and with rhythmic clapping and heartfelt vocals, if you closed your eyes, you could imagine the sun on your face, blue skies, a cold glass of wine while you surveyed the Spanish countryside.

There was also flamenco dancing. Emotional and passionate then lighter and slightly comedic as musicians from the cast joined in. The accompanying two guitarists and an exceptional violinist brought the songs to life with such energy!

Daniel didn’t speak too much during the performance but he gave us a little background to the compositions and informed us that the beautiful flamenco dancer was his fiancé.

It was pure flamenco at its vibrant and passionate best and I would definitely go to see this again. Click Here

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