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Note: This is an old show being displayed, and it is not from this year's festival. This show appeared in 2018 at Brighton Fringe


The 1000 Years Show


Venue:The Quadrant, 12 North Street (Bottom of Queens Road by the Clocktower) Brighton BN1 3GJ
Phone: 01273 733 238
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: Upstairs
MAY 24-27 at 19:15 (60 min)
Show Image

The 1000 Years Show at the festival featuring songs and comedy from pivotal times in history such as The Battle of Hastings, Richard III, Lady Jane Grey, and Magna Carta. It's hystorical! The 1000 years can feature anything from 1066 to 2066 so expect the present and the future too. This show is 'clean' so if you're tired of constant swearing and crudity this is the show for you.

The foundation stone of the show is a song called Kings and Queens which is a timeline song listing all the monarchs from 1066 t0 2066. (Yes, this means it tackles the present and future too). Kings and Queens is a 'read-along' song and the audience have a programme (supplied) with the lyrics.

"I found myself in Leicester on a Wednesday with a couple of hours to kill.
In two hops on the Internet I found Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival and The 1000 Years Show. Sited in Leicester's impressive Grade I Listed Guildhall, The 1000 Years Show is an entertaining way to spend 20 minutes or so listening to witty songs about important historic events in aptly aged surroundings.
The show's writer and performer, Anthony King, has put together songs focussed around pivotal events and characters of British history: The Magna Carta Show and The Agincourt Show and of course, being Leicester, The Richard III Show.
Short and humorous, the songs are linked by jokes and anecdotes appropriate for the family audience in attendance.
Whilst parallels may be drawn with Horrible Histories, I think King deserves something more, at the least to be judged on his own merits. His easy going raconteur style draws in his listeners with a gentle, rather clever wit, whilst Horrible Histories grabs at them with joyous tomfoolery. There is a place for both without the need for comparisons.
King's practiced delivery is no accident, it comes from years on the comedy circuit, with and without his guitar.
Covering topics like "The King In The Car Park" and "Who Owns The Bones?", about the competing claims to ownership of Richard III's remains, these two songs sent me on my cheery way, but if I were to be back in Leicester at the weekend, I would leave the hunt for those old bones behind to join The Search For A King". Reporter: Sandra Giorgetti - The British Theatre Guide

Praise for the Leicester shows:

"Brilliant! Made our visit to Leicester" - Glennis Cunliffe (Port Elizabeth, South Africa)

"Great show. So entertaining! We came back twice! A must see!" - Becky Dattani (Port Charlotte, Florida, USA)

"A great, relaxed, interesting and professional show. Really enjoyed it. Thank you Anthony" - Carolyn Bradbeer (Leics)

"Epic and funny" - Reuben (Aged 7)

"Well done!! As a former teacher, I can say emphatically that this show is a wonderful way to teach history. Children learn through song!!" - Joyce Keller (Houston, TX USA)

"Excellent show. I work at a school and will be mentioning your show to the Head Teacher. I'm sure our older pupils will love it. Thanks!!" - Jo Wykes (Aylestone, Leicester)

"A great way to round off our RIII experience - thank you" - E Davies (Cleethorpes)

"Excellent show" - Barrie Jaimeson (Maldon, Essex)

"Very witty, entertaining and musically very good. Pleasure to watch" - Aidan Knifton (Leicester)

"Fantastic treat to hear modern folks songs linking to this historic event! Great piece to take to other settings. Good luck with futher adventures" - Nicola Timson (Maldon, Essex)

"'Who Owns The Bones?' will stay with me long beyond the grave" - Anon

"A 'tour de force'. Funny, educational and inspirational! 20 minutesvery well spent" - Ben (Leicester )

"Brilliant lighthearted and memorable look at history - enjoyed by 72 years to 2 years! Thank you" - P. Coplin (Leicester)

"Very good show" - Pat Winn (Ganllwyd, North Wales)

"Excellent show - please do a CD - Could use it in teaching" - Scot (Harrogate)

"Very entertaining and informative" - Richard Bowman (Otley, W Yorks)

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