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About Laughing Horse at the Brighton Fringe

Performer on StageLaughing Horse operate three venues at the Brighton Fringe: 'The Walrus' (new for 2020), 'The Caroline of Brunswick' and 'The Temple Bar'.

We have been running venues at the festival since 2008, and we have been the largest promoter at the Brighton Fringe since 2009. 

All of our venues will be open daily throughout the Fringe, and we will be operating the venues with the aim of keeping costs for production companies and performers as low as possible, and also ticket prices for customers as low as possible - our maximum ticket price is 7. Alongside the paid shows, we also welcome free shows, with performers who perform for free taking a collection at the end of each performance. (just like our Free Festival in Edinburgh - www.freefestival.co.uk).

Shows tend to run from 6pm during the week, and from lunchtime at weekends and on bank holiday Mondays - and finish around midnight or later! The venues will operate with a mixture of paid shows and Free shows alongside each other and in our venues we are looking for shows of all genres, including Comedy, Theatre, Cabaret, Music, Poetry, Spoken Word, Storytelling and Children's shows.

The Laughing Horse has received a number of awards and nominations at the Brighton Fringe - as well as both it's original venues being nominated as best venue, there have been awards and nominations for Outstanding Contribution, Star of the Fringe and various best show awards. Our venues are generally very busy, with multiple shows and performances programmed daily creating a buzz around the venues.

Alongside the Brighton Fringe shows and venues, Laughing Horse has a presence through the year in Brighton with it's weekly shows at the Quadrant.

Laughing Horse is also one of the largest promoters at the Edinburgh Fringe, running over 6,000 performances of 300 shows in it's Edinburgh venues annually, and Laughing Horse also run Fringe venues and produce shows at the Adelaide Fringe, Perth's Fringe World, and The Melbourne International Comedy Festival -  So we know what we are doing at worldwide Fringe festivals! (and are the only promoter working and booking venues at the worlds four largest Fringe festivals).

Show Posters from 2009Full details of Laughing Horse can be found on the main Laughing Horse website - www.laughinghorsecomedy.co.uk 

How does it work

As a performer or producer you rent the performance space at the venues from us to produce your show, and you are responsible for the running and publicity of your show.

We provide a fully equipped performance space for you to perform in, along with services including a programme, venue publicity, general venue staff and advertising.

You will also submit your show into the Brighton Fringe programme, and the Brighton Fringe also provide services for you including advertising for your show, a central box office and ticket sales.

What will I get?

The Brighton Fringe is growing every year, and the last few years Fringe runs at our venues have proved that it is possible to run a Fringe show in Brighton, get reviewed, get promoters to see you, get a good sized audience - and cover costs or even make money.  But it still needs work to promote your show!

The Brighton Fringe is perfect for performers to bring their existing show, or a show that is touring to the event, or for performers to use the Brighton Fringe to preview Edinburgh Fringe shows with its ideal timing in the year for Edinburgh previews. For Edinburgh previews it can turn into an extremely valuable preview experience as you will be previewing under exactly the same conditions as at an Edinburgh Fringe venue, giving you valuable feedback to work on your show through until August.

The size of the Fringe also allows critical feedback, and many local and national publications cover the fringe and  review shows. As such it is important you preview your show before bringing it to Brighton if it is a new show.

There is not the overbearing costs or saturation in Edinburgh, or the desire of performers to do shows for the full run - most Brighton shows run for four nights or a week. All shows are capable of gaining a good audience if marketed correctly, therefore you should have expectations of getting reasonable-to-good ticket sales as long as you put the work in to promote your show.

What will it cost?

Will my show be a Paid show, or a free show?

PAID or Pay What you Want SHOW
Tickets are sold online and via the phone via the Fringe, plus cash box office at the venues bar or collection for PWYW shows.

The hire fee for each performance of the show is 25 at our smaller venues, or 35 at the Larger Walrus. Plus there is a 10 advertising contribution for each show for advertising (no matter how many performances).

You may supply your own door/tech person or use one of ours for 25 per performance. You must confirm you are supplying your own door person or hire one for paid show, this is needed for the shows to operate properly and you cannot do this on your own.
You keep 100% of your ticket sales or PWYW collection (with the exception of the percentage the Brighton Fringe or other ticket agencies take from the tickets they sell)
Show performances are free and unticketed, or ticketed and booked via the Fringe box office for free - up to you.
The hire fee for each performance of the show is 13, or 18 at the larger Walrus. Plus there is a 10 advertising contribution for each show for advertising (no matter how many performances).
You may supply your own door/tech person, do this yourself,  or use one of ours for 25 per performance. Most free performers do the door/collection themselves.
You collect money at the end of each performance, and keep 100% of your collection

These venue fees cover the costs of all venue equipment, signage and general publicity for the venues, plus entry into the venues online programme. You will need to supply your own door/tech person if you do not hire one of ours (or do it yourself) - we do this to keep the costs as low as possible for performers rather than hiring in lots of staff in and charging much more for each performance -and a lot of performers prefer to do this or organise this themselves.

All shows must enter their shows into the Fringe programme and pay the Brighton Fringe registration Fees. The cost for shows to be listed in the Fringe programme are below:



Early Bird 1 performances  Listing 108
Early Bird short Run (2-6 performances)  Listing 145
Early Bird Long Run (7+performances) Run Listing 170
1 Performance Listing 135.00
Short Run (2- 6 performances) Listing 182.00
 Long Run (7+performances) Run Listing 205

The EARLY BIRD DEADLINE is December 6th 2019, and the final deadline is January 17th 2020.

On top of this you will have to produce your own show advertising - posters and flyers, and obviously you will need your travel and accommodation costs. (Don't forget Brighton is commutable from London on a daily basis, but it is much better to stay in Brighton to fully experience the Fringe). We will have a print deal set-up with our regular Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe printers for discount printing.


Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes! Full details of our venues, and their set-up is available HERE Please look through this page to see which of our venues and performance spaces offer and to decide whether our venues are suitable for you.

Unless you book one of our door/tech staff you will be responsible for operating the door and tech of your show (including taking tickets and selling tickets on the door), and using the technical equipment. If this door/tech person is not requested at the time of confirming your slot we may not be able to provide this, so please make sure you consider your decision as to whether you will need us to supply somebody at the time of your application.

We welcome applications from all Fringe genres, including comedy, cabaret stand-up, sketch, theatre, storytelling, music, workshops and children's shows. Our venues are sadly not suitable for Art displays.

click here to see venue details of each of our venues

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